Happy Friday! Stole this little survey from A Healthy Slice of Life
Currently Working On: Well, I finished my grad school app this past week. It’s all submitted and I’m extremely nervous (but also very excited) about it. I’ve been missing school, and I would love to be a student at the U! 
Currently Anticipating: SPRING BREAK! Utah got a little tease with some warm weather this week, and then my family booked a beach house in Santa Barbara for spring break, so I’m looking forward to some warm weather and some beach time with my family! 
Currently Listening To: Justin Timberlake Pandora. Currently my favorite workout station (with David Guetta added as variety. Perfection.) 
Currently Annoyed By: The rain! I love a good rainy day, but it’s just rude after two gorgeous 60 degree days. 
Currently Grateful For: My sweet husband. Can’t get enough of him. 
Currently Reading: Blogs blogs blogs. I need to find a good book. 
Currently Staying Active: I kept up with my workouts this week…I’m currently 5 for 5 and I’m planning on working out tomorrow too…It feels good after taking some time off while I was sick. Plus, spring break is coming, obviously. 
Currently Craving: Brio Tuscan Grill! Our new favorite date night. I think we will be venturing there tomorrow with the nice little gift card the manager gave us on Vday. 
Currently Loving: That the snow is melted! Did I mention I’m ready for some warmer weather?? 
Currently Would Love to Travel To: A nice warm beach! 
Happy weekend!

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