Oh Boy. How in the world did I neglect this little blog for so long? I’m not sure where the last month has gone. The beginning of January crept by so slowly, and now suddenly it’s almost March! I’m really glad time is flying because I am looking forward to spring and daylight savings SO much! As much as I’ve enjoyed skiing this season, I’m ready for a change.

So a little update…..

My fitness game has been on the fence this month. It was my birthday, and then Valentines, and then I’ve been sick for the past week so my monthly goal for March will definitely be focused on fitness.

As for an update on January’s finance goal– I didn’t completely stick to the spending freeze, but I was able to break some bad habits and get used to not going out for lunch/dinner every weekend or buying a smoothie or a protein bar at the gym because it was convenient. Obviously a month is a short amount of time, and it’s a work in progress but I feel that I’m on the right track!

The goal for February is cleaning and organization. My downstairs is pretty much cleaned out thanks to a nice little purge last week. I plan to go through my closet tomorrow. The benefit of moving every year since college is that I get rid of my junk pretty regularly. I am really looking forward to a nice clean closet. I know I’m in need of some warmer weather clothes, so it will be nice to have a clean space and know exactly what I need. 

Happy weekend! 

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