Stop Waiting.

I saw this on Pinterest and I loved it. It’s too true. It applies to every aspect of life. I spend too much time waiting for the weekend to arrive, or the next vacation, or losing 5 pounds or whatever. There’s no reason not to just enjoy now. Coming from someone who suffers from anxiety-it’s definitely not always easy to enjoy the moment, but it makes for a happier and more peaceful life. And I am trying to make a conscious effort. 

We spent last weekend up in the beautiful mountains of Park City (definitely enjoying the moment), and Fall has officially arrived in Utah! It’s my favorite part about this state. Growing up in California, I never really experienced “seasons”, so fall is a treat for me every year. (Although I do miss the beach terribly and would move back in a heartbeat. #californialove)

And just being honest here– as I am sitting here writing this post thinking about what I am currently happy about I immediately thought “tomorrow is Thursday- 2 more days till the weekend!” I have got some work to do on changing my mindset.  But it’s never too late, fortunately. 

my cute hubby ❤ 

In this very moment I am thankful for my sweet babe of a husband sitting next to me, the fuzzy blanket that’s currently keeping me warm, and the delicious fall candle burning right now.   

on the alpine slides- and finally breaking out that beautiful Jcrew vest

Stop waiting to enjoy your life! Time is too precious, and you deserve to be happy right now.  

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