7 weird foods I’m loving

Here are a few (strange) recent food loves. Kind of an odd bunch, but once I find something I love, I’m obsessed with it for a few weeks (or months) then it’s on to the next thing….

1. PB2 I was a bit late to the PB2 party because I couldn’t find anywhere that sold it in Utah until the last few months (although it is available on amazon). I first found it at Harmons (local grocery), but now my closest Wal-Mart carries it. I love it in smoothies as well as on rice-cakes. Mix it with apple sauce instead of water for a yummy treat!

2. Rice cakes— I love these things. My favorite used to be the Trader Joe’s brand, but they stopped carrying them. It was a sad day, and I think I’m positive I gasped out loud when the guy at TJ’s told me they were discontinued. 😦  Now I love the Mother’s brand from Whole Foods. Only 35 calories each- can’t beat that! Top with peanut butter, PB2, bananas, hummus…the options are endless! 

3. Egg whites- I use a lot of egg whites (plain and in things like protein pancakes, etc.) but I hate separating eggs and throwing away the yolk. These babies are amazing. Once again Costco is my favorite! I have been loving egg whites cooked in coconut oil topped with cinnamon. I’m such a weirdo, but don’t knock it till you try it! 

4. Silk Coconut Milk– I’ve loved the Dark Chocolate Almond milk for a while, but I recently picked this up and it is SO good (It was used in the smoothie I posted yesterday). Tastes amazing by itself and especially in smoothies. 

5.   Luna Bars– For an emergency snack, these are great. My favorite flavor is chocolate peppermint stick! So yummy! 

6.   Popcorn–  one of my favorite treats. I’m obsessed with topping popcorn with a little cinnamon and a few chocolate chips for a sweet and salty treat! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it’s seriously amazing.

7. Cinnamon! Lately I cannot get enough. I put it on everything! Like I mentioned above, on popcorn, egg whites, and even cottage cheese with apples. Naturally I have the big boy from Costco. Never enough cinnamon. 

What foods are you loving lately?

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