Lazy Weekend (and a smoothie recipe)

It was a pretty lazy weekend around here. Now that B is back in school, and I’m working more hours, I think we just needed to hit the pause button.

I got in a morning workout on Saturday (I usually avoid the gym at all costs on Saturday a.m, but since I missed my Friday workout it was necessary) and basically just lounged. B was feeling under the weather Saturday evening/Sunday, so we stayed in and watched Netflix. We also Facetimed my family for a few hours which was nice. Got to catch up with them and talk about holiday travel plans (which are just around the corner!!) 

I can’t believe it’s already the first day of Fall. I LOVE Fall, but I just don’t feel ready to say goodbye to summer. All I can think about is winter coming- yuck. But until then, I’ll enjoy the Fall weather, and all of the pumpkin-y goodness I can get my hands on. 

In memory of summer, here’s a tropical smoothie recipe. 

4 oz almond milk
4 oz coconut milk
1/3 c plain greek yogurt
1 c frozen tropical fruit blend 
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 handful spinach


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