Motivation Monday: Screw the Scale

So. I put away my scale for a while because I was developing an unhealthy relationship with it. A few days ago I decided to take it out (I’m really not sure why) and I was unpleasantly surprised with a larger # than I was expecting. I’m definitely at the top of my “normal” weight range. For a few days I let it bug me, but at this point I realize- there is no reason to let that stupid little number control my happiness. I’m back on a routine, and I feel good. I feel strong. I fit in my clothes. So WHY do I give a damn about the number on the scale?? 


Scales are great and definitely serve a purpose when you are trying to monitor weight-loss, but at this point I’m not. I’m trying to lean out a bit while also building muscle, but I don’t anticipate my weight will be dropping drastically anytime soon.  

But sometimes I need a reminder that I am not defined by my size or my weight. And neither are YOU. 


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