I mentioned previously that I joined a new gym, and I was excited to use my personal training sessions to get some fresh ideas for workouts. I got so used to the same old routines at my apartment gym that I always am kind of overwhelmed when I walk into my new weight room and see all of that equipment. 

So- I had my first meeting with a personal trainer- a sweet little blonde girl who kicked my butt. A lot of the workout was using TRX which I had never used before [much harder than they look]. The workout consisted of an upper body circuit, a lower body circuit, and an ab circuit. By the end I had sweat dripping down my face. My session was 2 days ago and my abs are still sore! (which i love)

My point of all this is to try something new- boredom will not facilitate effective workouts. Try something new and don’t be afraid of change! 


Do a workout from a dvd (or youtube!), go to a new class, dry a different piece of equipment- working out shouldn’t feel like torture! Or just go outside for a walk or jog instead of using that damn treadmill.

I am happy that I already got my workout in for today, and I plan on lounging for the rest of this rainy day. 🙂 

Happy weekend!

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