What’s in my gym bag….

A few of my gym essentials….

1. A huge Under Armour bag to hold all of my stuff- and big enough to shove my work clothes and shoes into for post-work workouts. 
2. Yes to Cucumbers Face Wipes– These are perfect for wiping off make-up before a workout, or for freshening up after getting sweaty. You can pick them up at target. 
3. Lulu Lemon Capris– I find that these are worth investing in. Some women need high quality sports bras, but I buy cheap tank tops and sports bras and for me- a nice thick pair of capris is essential. 
4. Lulu Lemon headbands– these will stay put for your whole workout! 
5. Burt’s Bees chap stick– use once and keeps your lips moisturized for your whole workout, plus it has no color and isn’t sticky. You can get this at target.
6. Hot pink nikes– need I say more?

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