Workout Wednesday: Shoulders and Abs

This week I am linking up with Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday! 


Tonight was shoulders and abs for me- one of my favorite workouts! Strong shoulders are a very important part of sculpted arms– it’s not all about the biceps!


3 x 8-10

[remember to always do a few warm up sets first!]

standing front dumbbell raises
dumbbell arnold press
dumbbell lat raise
dumbbell upright row
standing dumbbell press
dumbbell shoulder shrug

when doing abs i usually do a circuit of 4 movements
repeat circuit 2-4 times, with 20-25 reps

tonight I chose:

mountain climbers
crunches w/ heels on swiss ball
russian twists w/ medicine ball 

annnd  my shoulders 😉 

happy hump day!!

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