Motivation Monday: Positivity

I saw this on Instagram (@laurengleisberg) tonight and it it really struck a chord with me. I feel that people shouldn’t be so focused on what everyone else is doing- especially if they don’t have anything nice to say about it. 


If you like something, show support. If you don’t- there is no need to comment. I have been told multiple times in the past few weeks that I am  “health freak” and I don’t really understand why people need to make comments at all on my lifestyle. I would never call an obese person a “food freak”, so why is it ok to comment on people who are choosing to love and take care of their body? I really don’t get it. 

If you feel strongly about something, do your own research (please!!!!) and then have a conversation. Don’t bash. Period. The world has enough negativity- choose not to fuel the fire. Instead support the people around you- just trust that everyone is doing the best they can, and doing what they believe is best for themselves 
— not you

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