The thing about Pinterest….

I love Pinterest–I really do, but what you won’t find on my Pinterest boards is a lot of workout inspiration….I have plenty of healthy recipes and more than enough outfit and home inspirations, but I don’t have much related to fitness. Why is that??

The Pinterest fitness boards are full of “Get toned arms/legs/fill in the blank in 7 days!”. Hate to break it to you, but doing the same exercises on one body part (like the recent squat and plank challenges) aren’t really going to give you great results. It’s impossible to spot treat. Until you are at a low(er) body fat percentage, it’s not really possible to sculpt your body. It takes healthy eating and a combination of strength and cardio to yield fat loss. After losing fat you can focus on strength training specific areas in order to sculpt and build your body as you please.

So don’t believe the hype (or waste your time)! Begin with a healthy lifestyle desirable results will follow!

Annnd….life lately…..I definitely can see huge changes in myself- especially when i’m sticking to my diet and workouts. (and by diet I don’t mean I’m “on a diet” i mean sticking to a clean eating plan)

shoulders + chest this morning. i cannot get enough of these lulu crops 

i guess my favorite gym outfits lately are all black with my new neon nikes..

Sunday dinner– steak salad with greens from the farmers market

it’s officially summer – my favorite season 

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