Memorial Day Weekend & Healthy Living

A little weekend recap- but first! My take on the “healthy lifestyle” concept.

Everyone talks about the importance of a healthy “lifestyle”. In reality everyone’s life is different, and you just need to figure out what works for YOU! This takes trying different things, and also depends on what your goals are. If your health is a priority (which it should be) make time and feed your body and soul with good nutrition and endorphins!! Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance- not deprivation, starvation, or punishing yourself. Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin! 🙂 Find something you enjoy and do it! 

I love a good 3 day weekend, and this weekend was excellent. It was spent working out, cooking good food, and spending time outside (with my best friend obviously). 

I didn’t workout Friday morning, so we went to the gym Friday night, then came home and made a delicious dinner (stuffed flank steak- so good). It was so nice just to stay home and relax! 

[what a babe] – contact me if you need a personal trainer- 
Brian is doing online training! 

Saturday I worked out in the morning while my sweet husband took our car to have the safety/emission inspections and get it registered 🙂 I am so glad  I didn’t have to participate in that. We also went to a baby shower and hung out in Salt Lake for a bit. 

Sunday was beautiful- none of the kiddos showed up to my Sunday school class, and of course Arrested Development is back– yes! We finished the night with a walk around the lake- the weather was perfect! 


Monday morning we slept in for the first time in a long time. I did a quick interval workout, then we went on a picnic by the lake in our neighborhood. I am obsessed with our neighborhood– so open, so many trails, and of course the lake that’s a 5 minute walk from our house. As much as I miss California, I sure do love Daybreak.

fruit with greek yogurt dip, multigrain chips with salsa, and little sandwhiches- yum!

We finished off the weekend with froyo from Menchies. And then I cried about having to go back to work 😉 

nothing better than napping in the sun!

SO– this post just goes to show that you can be active, eat healthy and not be deprived!! I have never felt as happy (mentally and physically) as I do now- and it’s because I love and take care of my body. Everyone deserves the same happiness!

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