The Rest Day & This Weeks Workouts

Today was my rest day and it felt amazing to sleep so long. I went to bed super early last night which made it even better! This is my first rest day of the week- my second will be on Sunday.  Here is this weeks workout plan:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: am- chest/tris   pm- cardio/ abs
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: am- shoulders/abs  pm- cardio
Friday: back/bis
Saturday: cardio
Sunday: Rest

Rest days are so important because your muscles need time to repair themselves- this is also why it’s important to get plenty of sleep at night! Working out is when you break down muscles, but they recover outside of the gym! I usually feel antsy on rest days like I should be in the gym, but today it felt great because I am so sore (which is a good thing).

obsessed with these new nike shorts!

In other news my husband and I are now health coaches for Herbalife- if you are interested in improving your health, let us know! 

my hardworking husband!
(also don’t mind the costco recycling in the background….)

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