Motivation Monday

It’s a brand new week! If you had a few cheats this weekend, get back on your game and start off strong! I definitely had a nice cheat meal this weekend- it had been too long since I’d had one and it was delicious! But now that it’s a new week lets set some goals and make it happen! I really think that everyone should set weekly goals- even if it’s as simple as “drink more water” (which I am really trying to do right now) Set goals and keep making progress!

I started my week on Sunday night by meal prepping to make things easier on myself this week. I had everything ready for when my alarm went off at 5am! I can’t emphasize enough that planning ahead is really just making your life easier in the long run! My morning went so smoothly because my lunch and breakfast were ready, my outfit was laid out, and my workout clothes were out. Easy peasy! 

supplements ready to go!
meals prepped and ready! 
I  have my workouts and meals planned, and I am excited for a great week! Happy Monday!

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