Celebrate the journey!

I recently read a post by Fitness Barbie that really inspired me (I think it may have been on her instagram actually). Your fitness/ weight loss journey isn’t just about the pounds or inches lost. In order to keep yourself sane (and happy) it’s important to celebrate the small successes each day! Whether it’s going up a weight on an exercise, the ability to perform more sets in less time, or running faster than you did yesterday- celebrate! It’s always important to pat yourself on the back. Working out and eating healthy should always be about making yourself better and rewarding yourself with endorphins. The best gift you can give yourself is a long healthy life!

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is a positive attitude. Mental health is a huge aspect of your overall well being- choosing to be positive can have a huge impact on your life.  There is always something to celebrate!

I’m not saying every workout will be amazing. Some will even suck. Sometimes you will want to give up. But if your outlook is positive, you will find that there are always small accomplishments to celebrate.

A few of my little accomplishments from the last few months:

  • realizing I could plank for over 2 minutes (and then over 2:30)
  • curling with 20 lb dumbbells (and watching my little biceps get bigger)
  • fitting into clothes from high school
  • cutting WAY down on my diet coke consumption (I’ll have about 1 can/ wk)
  • getting better at prepping meals/ meal planning
  • getting in early morning workouts before work

There are still things I’m working on (as there always will be) but I can see that I’ve made and continue to make progress on a daily basis-which actually makes me want to work harder and keep progressing!- It’s a great cycle 😉   

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